Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time For Finns to Practice What They Piously Preach

Kissinger and Nixon's views on Finland are contained in a new book published by the US Department of State entitled Foreign Relations, Volume XXIX, Eastern Europe; Eastern Mediterranean, 1969-1972.


According to the book, US officials saw Finland as being "Finlandised" -- subjugating and self-censoring itself in fear of a Soviet threat -- although Washington officially recognised Finland's neutrality.


The US Ambassador to Helsinki, Val Peterson, fired off a heated memo to Washington saying, "Finnish reaction seems to be disproportionately strong... The Finns are not as careful in their language in speaking of the United States as their thin skin in this instance might suggest... Finland cannot expect and should not be permitted to embarrass a fine Ambassador... let alone presume to bother the Secretary with this matter. It is time these people practice what they piously preach."


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