Monday, February 4, 2008

Finnish Lapland Residents: State Jobs Unfairly Distributed

The regional dispersion of public jobs has done little to solve Kemijärvi's mass unemployment problem. The void left by Salcomp's departure has yet to be filled, and an ongoing regionalisation program won't be of much help to Kemijärvi, as Stora Enso's close down will leave hundreds more jobless.

The municipalities of Kemijärvi and eastern Lapland have taken the hardest blows when it comes to their inhabitants finding work. These northern corners have garnered sympathy, but little concrete help from the government's regionalisation efforts.
The last time the government promised regionalisation aid through the dispersion of public jobs was when the area lost 700 Salcomp jobs to China. City officials don't see that the promises made have carried through to acts.

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