Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finland: Many Lawbreakers Caught During Road Safety Campaign Week

The police checked over 28,000 vehicles in its mid-February road safety campaign -- and discovered a host of offences. Over 3,000 people were found riding without their seatbelts, 44 of which were children -- figures which police say actually indicate a rise in seatbelt use compared to last year's monitoring campaign.Monitoring of drivers' speeds led to 4,500 speeders getting caught.

Of the speeders, 167 speeding violations were serious to the extent that the drivers' licenses were seized immediately. During the course of the campaign, police not only stopped traffic violators, but also caught 12 auto thieves, and 112 persons wanted by the police, and discovered 48 narcotics crimes, in addition to 319 other offences. Police also stopped 200 motorists without licenses.


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