Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hunger Striking Foreigners in Finnish Detention Center

After three days, a hunger strike started by foreigners being kept at the detention unit of the Metsälä Reception Centre in Helsinki does not yet show on the faces of the strikers. However, the purpose of the fast, which began Sunday night, is quite clear. "I am ready to continue the strike until officials grant me a residence permit in Finland.", says Ahid Hachimi, who has been at the reception centre for three weeks.

In addition to refusing food, the strikers say that they are drinking only very little. "My muscles are sore and my head aches. I feel tired", says Elouadi Moshab. Currently 11 residents at the Metsälä centre are on hunger strike. One of the strikers was classified as an asylum seeker on Wednesday, and is no longer at the reception centre.

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